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Coaching and Community Development Courses

The Waikato Institute for Leisure & Sports Studies (WILSS) is due to start its 2017/2018 coaching and administration courses in September, there are two ‘night school style’ courses especially designed to fit busy lifestyles. Scholarships are also available to cover the cost of the course fees.
New Zealand Certificate in Coaching & Instructing Level 5 

New Zealand Certificate in Sport and Recreation Community Development Level 5 
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National Referees Course in Tauranga

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University of Waikato Hillary Scholarship

Applications for the Sir Edmund Hillary Scholarship for 2018 are open until 31 August 2017. This is a great opportunity for young volleyball players who will be at university. You can find out more about it and how to apply here:


2017 HVC Teams

Mens A
Samuel Anderson
Nikoli Christensen
Vaua Euga
Timothy Kirk
Samuel McCreary
Bevan Owen
Matthew Polley
Kane Turketo
Cameron Ward
Morgan Wills
Coach: Seth Phork
Manager: Tuke Joseph

Mens B
Aisen Constantino
Dylan Douglas
Tungane Maine-More
Bhargav Gopalka
Mitchell Keyte
Harrison Mackenzie
Kyle Masters
Giehan Novelozo
Joshua Tiplady
Maia Westrupp

Mens Development
Daniel Cole
Paula Faka’osi
Daniel Gaualofa
Dylan Gonano
Ethan Hughes
Phoenix Kinzett-Rolfe
Michael May
Tuatahi Melsom
Jack Sheppard
Boo Tai

Womens A
Ariana Moffat
Brieana Booth
Caitlin Langlands
Charlie-May Clarke
Emma Preston
Jess Clarkin
Kayla Polley
Keirryn Hintz
Rebecca Endres
Shaydene Begovich
Victoria Hooper
Coach: Mike Polley
Manager: Robyn Polley

Womens B and C Squad
Eden French-Putu
Mila Gandeza
Xanthe Garahy
Hazel Hewison
Jade Kerridge
Tiffany McManus
Brianna O’Brien
Courtney Old
Jess Pasene
Danielle Pearce
Constanza Rigourd
Mariela Roblado
Ella Rodriguez
Rebecca Rodriguez
Amy Smith
Caitlyn Spedding
Sam Stafford
Dawn Stewart
Chelsea Watts


We rely on fundraising throughout the season to support the club.

Check out our fundraising page for details.

Reimbursement Claim Forms

Please use these HVC claim forms to claim for expenses like taking your car to a game.